Why should I join the TCRA?

I would like to take a minute of your time to tell you why I have been a member of TCRA for eight plus years. Number one and foremost: the seminars. Every one I have been to I feel like I have learned something that, to me, paid for the trip. There is so much information to learn, and you can get it there by talking to others in the industry and listening to the speakers from GM, Chrysler and Ford. The hands-on tours help you learn what other people are using, including equipment, gasses to check for run out, how they cut a captive clutch, etc. You can get all this, and more. Number two: the newsletters. You get one every month with membership, and they include different topics about torque converters with ads for equipment and sponsors. Three: the web site. You also have access to TCRA online were you can get so much more information. Since it is updated weekly, we are looking into having a question forum were you can ask questions that will be sent to all the board members. With such ease, we will be able to e-mail or phone to help you. We are also looking into putting up videos that might be helpful to the industry. I hope this will be helpful in making your decision to becoming TCRA‘s 100th member. If you have any questions, I, or one of the board members, would be happy to help you.
Mark Mustard, Branting Industries

– Found in October 2006 Newsletter