M/Y 2000 310mm Torque Converter Light Weight Redesign

Mass was reduced by approx. 5.0 lbs and rotating inertia was reduced by 9%.

Pump stamping was redesigned to reduce stock thickness from 6.5mm stock thickness to 5.0 mm using improved geometry while maintaining today's ballooning performance. Current pump angles exist.

Stator was redesigned to "pocket" design (245mm type) while maintaining current roller clutch capacity.   Both a 18 blade stator (high torque ratio) and a 14 blade (high extension) exist.

Common 300mm roller bearing is now used.

Turbine hub has been revised for less mass, while maintaining structure.

Torus, blades, TCC and cover were not changed.

Only the TCC and cover are interchangeable with old design.

New pump, stator, turbine are not interchangeable with old design.

New and old design are transparent to the engine and transmission for packaging.