Rivets, Springs, and Ultra Sonic Cleaners

Rivets, Springs, and Ultra Sonic Cleaners

245mm and 298mm

 An email hit the mailbox of the TCRA news letter the other day. Enclosed was a list of pertinent questions regarding rivets, springs, and ultra sonic cleaners. It read:

“Where do you buy rivets and springs to rebuild dampers for General Motors 245mm and 298 mm converter? What type of equipment do I need? Do I need to do it at all? We seem to get a lot of debris out of the assembly after cleaning. I read your story on ultra sonic cleaners and decided to buy one, but I would still like to rebuild them.”
Signed Marvin Stuart
Lakeland Transmission

Well Stuart, we have answers. TCRS in Des Moines, IA, makes a fine riveting machine. Several shops we talked to own more than one. Contacts used from the previous article on dampers also had information to include in this update.

According to most shops we talked to, cleaning out the riveting machine with an ultra sonic cleaner should suffice. Dennis Sneath, owner of Midwest Converters in Rockford, Ill, says disassembly is the best way to clean them and replace parts that may be missed with a simple fluid wash. He also adds that he could provide you with technical support if needed.

As for the rivets and springs, purchasing them through Sonnax or Tri Components would be your best bet. Even though good springs can be used over if they are carefully examined, Sneath reminds rebuilders of a simple question: “Is good enough good enough?” With Sneath relating that phrase to his company’s motto, he suggests that springs be replaced even if they appear to be in good condition. We hold this information was some help to your concerns. To contact Dennis Sneath, call Midwest Converters at 815-229-9808.

Found in issue 02, 2003