Heat prevention extends torque converter life

Heat prevention extends torque converter life

Image Conversations with Sam Memmolo, spokesperson for Lubegard and International Lubricants, proved to be quite enlightening at this year’s ATRA Expo. Together with Pat Burrow and Phillip Landis, information was provided on fluid equivalencies.

Memmolo, a well-known automotive mechanic and television host, led a well-informed discussion about using the wrong fluid in a transmission.

Dennis Sneath, board member of the TCRA, was able to have a private discussion with Memmolo and representatives of Hylomar Mid-America regarding transmission fluids and conversions by using selected Lubegard products. The Hylomar representatives present were noted lubricant and sealant experts and distribute Hylomar Midco products in North America. All agreed an extremely high quality semisynthetic transmission fluid is required for protection of the new Allison 1000 transmission and torque converter.

General Motors recommends Dexron IIItype transmission fluid to be used with the Allison 1000 for light-duty use only. The semisynthetic blend fluid, which General Motors refers to as TranSyndTM , must be used for any medium- to heavy-duty use. TranSyndTM is a blend of high quality synthetic and paraffinic base oils, which provides longer effective fluid life when subjected to strenuous conditions.

If TranSyndTM fluid is not available, Lubegard can supply an additive package that will deliver similar performance to that of TranSyndTM. General Motors nor the TCRA endorse the use of additives for friction modification and the use of such additives should be researched prior to each application.

It is noted that any additive which can safely reduce operating temperatures of any transmission is certainly a plus. The largest cause of transmission and converter failure is heat.

For more information or for a printed fluid specification guideline, contact Lubegard at 1-800-333-5823 or e-mail the TCRA.

Found in issue October 2005