Front wheel drive Chrysler 604

Identifying front wheel drive Chrysler 604 converters

With many inquiries about how to identify Chrysler front wheel drive 604 converters, we asked around for an answer to the problem. Rebuilders have the task of identifying converters everyday. Some think of it as an easy task, while others see it as a challenge, especially when faced with converters such as the Chrysler 604 converter.

After draining the oil from the converter, be sure to inspect the converter from an overhead view to see if notches inside stator are present. The notches identify the stator as being a high stall unit, while the low stall has no visible notches.

Converter identification usually is kept simple. Identification numbers, letters, or simple paint swatch is normally all that is required to identify the torque converter correctly.

It is recommended to assemble your own notebook to keep records of identification classifications for future use. This way, anyone with a question as to the identification can easily look up the answer without error.
If you have any ideas for torque converter identification, please call or e-mail us and share your ideas.

Found in issue 05, 2003