Fix for Dodge 618 mounting pad

Fix for Dodge 618 mounting pad.

With an earlier report on converter cover cracking, the staff was interested to see a response from an employee of Team Ramco in Yuma, Arizona. This company and member would like to share a quick fix for the Dodge 618 mounting pad problem plaguing the converter.

With the mounting pads, the need to weld on all four sides to stabilize the pad from rocking is essential. According to Corky, the employee of Team Ramco, this is the reason why the cover cracks. This cracking was also found to affect the Allison converter, which was mentioned in December’s TCRA newsletter.

Corky and Team Ramco have found this modification does away with the problem of the front cover and the clutch Team Ramco rebuilds a high-performance 618 converter that can handle the extra horsepower. Customers from as far as Seattle, Washington, visit Team Ramco to have the 618 converter repaired.

The staff would like to thank Team Ramco and Pat at Sonnax for this repair. For more information contact Team Ramco at

Found in issue 01, 2003