Converter slippage appears

Converter slippage appeared on rebuilt converter.

Paul from A-1 Transmission in Florida asks about his torque converter on the Ford 4R100 transmission with a 7.3L Turbo Diesel. He says that on two occasions, after having the converter rebuilt, converter slippage appeared. Why this sudden change when the problem was not present before the rebuild?

After hearing about Paul’s com- plaint, we suggested he send his converter to Fred at Midwest Converters for inspection.
Upon inspection, Fred reported back that the converter had been converted to a single disk clutch instead of the multidisk unit that is required from the factory. Fred explained to Paul that the rebuilder he sent the converter to needed to start replacing clutches with a new set of multiclutch plates, and the problem would be solved. At Paul’s request the converter was changed to the correct clutch configuration by Fred, and the problem was corrected.

A quick investigation concluded that this “cheap” way out is occurring in more than one shop. By changing the multidisk to a single disk, the rebuilder has taken away the converter’s ability to hold lock up. In most cases the rebuilder would switch the clutch to increase his profit. This is a typical example of not paying enough for a correctly manufactured, rebuilt torque converter. You get what you pay for.