Converter code creates confusion at rebuild

GM 245mm converter code creates confusion at rebuild Image General Motors’ four-digit converter code is confusing to say the least. When is a “J” not a “J” of an “H” not an “H”? Evidently, General Motors wasn’t sure, either.

Many times after cutting open a 245mm with the FLHB code, for example, the third digit “H” that designates the type of clutched used can indicate a carbon-lined or a woven carbon-lined clutch piston. We have found no simply way to identify which liner is present by reading the code.

If your customer orders a torque converter from you by the code FLHB, you need to first determine which application the converter is being used for.

If it is found to be a constant slip-type unit, using the CCC-type system, then the converter requires the woven carbon liner. For other applications, the carbon liner or Kevlar liner, from Sonnax, is satisfactory.

To avoid any customer discrepancies, we suggest installing the Sonnax hi-carbon liner for universal use in this unit.

Found in issue May 2005