Converter Clutch Shudder

Converter Clutch Shudder Have you ever experienced converter clutchshudder on the late 4L60E torque converter with the higher stall codes?

It has been reported by many rebuilders that the higher stall code converter used with the GM 4.3L V6 is more prone to shudder than the V8 versions. It has been determined that the incorrect clutch damper springs are being used in this application.

If you continue to use dampers designed for V8s it can aggravate an existing problem. Try using the lower rated damper for the V6 and include the original, flat, wavy spring between the turbine and clutch. It has shown to make quite a difference.

The correct damper is a straight rate, four single springs with 190 pound rating. The V8 version are usually much larger, up to a 300 pound rating and use a progressive inner and outer spring assembly.

Some rebuilders are using one spring rate for all applications. This can cause other problems such as input shaft spline wear, turbine hubs to strip out their splines, and cause unnecessary vibrations on decelerate. Also, if the torque converter is used in a triple C system it must have a .020 weep hole located through the clutch piston.

If you do not have enough pistons with the weep hole, we suggest taking several pistons to your local machinist where he can EDM the holes for you. This should be achieved at a nominal fee. Do not eliminate the weep hole if it is required. It is suggested to use a high carbon friction liner available from your parts supplier.