Clutch bonding issues

Clutch bonding issues for Ford raise liner questions Image In the past several years, Ford Motor Company has manufactured a variety of embossed clutch liners for numerous applications.

For example, the CD4E contains four different versions of the lockup clutch. Dacco part number F-70, which is found in the Ford Escape/Tribute with the 3.0 liter engine, comes equipped with an embossed clutch liner and a non-grooved liner. There is an actual notation stamped on the outside of the converter that states it is “non-grooved.” The replacement liner is a custom-made liner and can be used in either application. Performance is not compromised by being grooved or non-grooved. Clutch engagement also works well either way.

In addition, the grooved liner is present in all AX4N/AX4S-type converters, including the popular duel liner applications. Here again, it is your decision on either grooved or non-grooved liners. Many rebuilders choose to purchase new OEM clutches instead of re-bonding them.

If you choose to re-bond, take extra care on centering both friction liners. If the liners are bonded off-center, a noticeable engine vibration may occur requiring removal of the converter and repair.

Found in issue March 2005