Clarification for previous articles required

Clarification for previous articles required

Image In August’s 2005 issue, we reported on common rebuilding procedures regarding the E4OD. We would like to clarify the use of the singledisk clutch plate is common practice; however, our suggestions pertained to making a better converter. LUK, manufacturer of the OEM and replacement damper assembly does not recommend use of the single-disk damper for
7.3L turbo diesels.

The ultimate choice is still up to each individual rebuilder, and we merely reported the facts presented and available.

Additionally, we need to clarify the TCRA’s view regarding modifications, such as the CD4E, reported on in last month’s issue. The installation of a thrust washer on the end of the turbine hub has created a debate. You may choose to replace the turbine hub with a new Sonnax part #FD-HT-16HS.

Although most of the people interviewed before this article was written have had success installing this washer, the modification has been carefully critiqued.

At this time, we are not sure that proper oil flow can be maintained with the removal of the OEM oil grooves. This procedure has been used over the past 18 months without any repercussions. At this point, it is the only modification known to eliminate and prevent metal transfer to the front cover. Be advised: Tr y and evaluate this procedure yourself.

Remember, our suggestions are not always modifications for every situation or rebuilder. We kindly accept other opinions and cures for related topics, which may always be sent to our e-mail for review and research. Most modifications and procedures have been tested by your fellow members and industry leaders alike, and we encourage participation from our readers. — Melissa Sneath, Editor

Found in issue September 2005