Aluminum stater cap failures

Aluminum stater cap failures Image Refinishing aluminum stater caps. The TCRA newsletter staff asked around and came up with a simple answer to those questions.

Another question asked frequently, Is it okay
to refinish aluminum stater caps? Although it may be widely practiced to remachine or polish thrust surfaces of aluminum stater caps, the answer to the question is ‘no.’

The aluminum cap can only be polished with a 3M type cloth (green) that will not leave behind abrasive material like sandpaper does. The factory aluminum caps are normally coated with a clear, undetectable, hard surface coating when remachined will disappear.

It is suggested the use of a bearing type or plastic type cap available from a parts supplier such as Sonnax or Tri Component. This will resolve future cap failure and total loss of a converter.

Found in issue 07, 2003