Allison 1000 cracks plague industry

Allison 1000 torque converter cracks plague industry.

The Allison 1000 torque converter is having its share of infield failures. Commonly found cracks around the mounting pads must be inspected carefully.

Although the material appears to be plenty thick, cracks still appear at the weld joint. A careful inspection with a magnifying glass will review cracks found internally. No real known repair is in practice, although more than a couple companies are having success tig welding around the pad on the outside. Filling the crack on the inside also with filler material and the tig welder will give you good results.

Sonnax undoubtedly can help us here by making a replacement billet cover similar to their Ford and Chrysler items.

If any rebuilder has an idea or solution to this problem, please contact  us at .We know this are many shops eagerly waiting for cure to this Allison