Using correct transmission fluid

Using correct transmission fluid

Brad from Multistate Transmissions in Illinois asks why it is essential to use Chrysler type 9602 fluid in most of their overdrive transmissions. He uses regular Dexron III without having any problems. He wonders if he is doing any harm and should convert.

Our resident lubrication expert was asked this question and replied that not only is it important to use the correct fluid that is designation for a vehicle, but also is important because it involves a legal issue.

Not only does type 9602 ATF exceed the performance of Dexron III, but also protects the transmission to a higher operating temperature and prevents fluid oxidation. If the owner of the vehicle would experience transmission problems, and it was determined that the wrong or an alternative fluid was used, the rebuilder could be held liable for any damages to the transmission at a later date.

Unfortunately this has happened before, and it is a popular mistake that occurs at many of the quick-lube type service centers.
One alternative is to use a universal ATF that is approved for use in all vehicles, such as Valvoline, Ams Oil, and Midco Lubricants to name a few. These fluids are formulated with synthetic based oil which meets and exceeds new car warranty requirements.

 Found in issue 03, 2004