Ford Focus Dacco # CT27

Ford Focus Dacco # CT27 ImageImageMost commonly used in…

2004 and newer Ford economy models


Most common areas of concern should be…

worn impeller drive and bushing ( T.I.R. must be maintained)


Most commonly overlooked parts include…

cracked impeller drive (Inspect CAREFULLY)


Critical area of concern…

.is that you must maintain T.I.R. to low limit (.005)

Constant variable torque converters are now being offered by almost all car makers. As rebuilders, we see them in Saturns, Fords, General Motors’ Pontiac and foreign divisions along with Suburu and Honda. Toyota and Nissan have been slow to expand on this market.

Nevertheless, as rebuilders we need to keep aware of these special converters. Parts are limited and some creative machining is necessary to rebuild some of these units. Converter hubs in particular are not available for most of these units, yet. Turbine splines are also in short supply, but are available through Sonnax as new units become more prominent. Alternatively, the purchase of new cores may be the best option for rebuilding these units.

Proper alignment and total indicated runout along with balance are conditions that also require special attention.

Proper tooling for balancing and alignment are necessary and are becoming available from your machinery supplier, such as TCRS. ATI is also attempting to stay current with the demands of these new units.

The converter rebuilder must stay in contact with the transmission rebuilder to make sure the symptoms that are prone to these transmissions are not misdiagnosed as converter-related issues. These transmissions are used in vehicles with small engines and lightweight body structure. Even a slight engine miss can be diagnosed as a transmission/torque converter problem or failure.

In upcoming issues we will try to highlight the problems and failures of each type of CVT converter as parts and problems arise.

Pricing should be considered carefully because extra time and money will be spent rebuilding these units. Keep this in mind when quoting customers, and remember to educate your customers about the complexity of their modern economy car.

Found in issue March 2005