Converter Overheating/Failure

Converter Overheating/Failure

A common complaint on E4OD's is converter overheating/failure and burned fluid with no other internal damage. This may be the original complaint or a repeat failure. There are several possible causes for these failures – all of the repairable.

Know Causes/Repair Options

Defective Converter – Original Lock-up pistons (in the converter) often crack and or warp creating internal leaks which prevent full apply of the Lock-up piston. The result is burned oil, black or purple front cover on the converter, and possible Trouble codes 62 or 628 stored in the computer memory.

Replace the converter – Transmission Connection E4OD torque converters all have the new Luk updated Lock-up piston, which has proven to be resistant to cracking and bending.

Hydraulic Control Faults – Some original computer calibrations would attempt to apply and hold the converter clutch with only 80 psi. Depending on conditions, vehicle load, and engine size, this may not provide sufficient holding ability. Incomplete converter front oil exhaust further reduces holding ability, and accidental loss of converter feed cause clutch drag/glazing.

Modify Control System – It is desirable to increase clutch apply pressure, furnish more complete converter front oil exhaust (for improved holding ability), and provide full time converter feed to prevent clutch drag/glazing. We at Transmission Connection recommend that you install a valve body reprogramming kit. These products install very easily, and safely achieves the converter control system modifications recalibration that are so beneficial.

Coolers – Some shops are reporting coolers (in radiators) that apparently collapse internally when hot. The result is sufficient cooler flow when cold but an extreme drop in flow when HOT. Take the time to check cooler flow when HOT. One quart in 20 seconds at idle is OK. Some shops are installing auxiliary coolers on vehicles that carry heavy loads to insure sufficient cooling capacity (very strongly recommended).

Verify TCC functions properly before releasing vehicle. If lock-up fails to function correctly take the time to test/repair faults to restore operation and protect the transmission and torque converter from overheating, and at the same time protect yourself from a comeback.

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