Alignment solves hub problem

Alignment hopefully solves hub problem Continuous A4LD torque converter hub failures was brought to attention.
In his email he questioned why his converter supplier repeatedly has hub wear on only one side of the hub. After less than five thousand miles, he has returns that leak out of the front of the transmission. Every time the hub shows wear on the one side (see photo), his torque converter builder says it is the transmission builder’s fault. The converter rebuilder claims that the transmission front pump is out of alignment. DeLand says he recently switched to another converter rebuilder who ironically has the same problem. DeLand’s question states, any idea where the problem begins?

In response to DeLand’s question, the staff at the TCRA newsletter concludes that if the hub wears on only one side of the converter hub it usually indicates bad torque converter alignment and/or hub alignment. If the bushing in the pump wears on one side then it can be concluded that pump alignment was the problem.

To solve this problem, try using the stock bushing in the pump if it is good. Align the pump with a high quality alignment tool, and try a new converter from another rebuilder. If possible, verify hub runout with an indicator before installing the new converter.